Green Crusaders – Kindle Kids International School

At KKIS, we encourage our students to be conscious about the environmental impact of every little thing we do. Though a relatively new school, KKIS students have embarked upon a journey with the promise of making ‘green’ their way of life within a short period of time. The seeds of this journey were sowed early through ‘The Green Fingers’, a co-curricular activity which helped to create awareness in students about the 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse.

Talks on Environment organised in collaboration with the WWF have made the students conscious of the problems facing the world today and how we can do our part in saving the planet.

Our team of Green Crusaders, spearheading the green initiatives in school, proudly show the way to others to adopt eco-friendly habits for a sustainable way of life which would integrate the 4 Rs in all their work,in school and at home. These green initiatives were integrated with CCA involving all the students.

With our mission to adopt a green lifestyle, a highly dedicated team of teachers and young motivated students constantly work hand in hand in reducing waste, reusing and recycling of materials, thus playing their part towards a clean and green Singapore. We strongly believe that these small steps taken collectively and consciously in the right direction can go a long way towards saving our planet. KKIS, in collaboration with WWF, is now officially registered as an ECO school.

The first and foremost step taken in this direction was to spread the message of saying ‘No to Plastics’ by replacing plastic with more environmentally friendly materials like steel or glass bottles, which can be reused.

The first and foremost step taken in this direction was to spread the message of saying ‘No to Plastics’ by replacing plastic with more environmentally friendly materials like steel or glass bottles, which can be reused.

The concept of No plastic Wednesdays was initiated by encouraging students, to bring belongings that were not made of plastic. Along with the students, teachers and staff also supported this cause by using steel lunch boxes, water bottles and steel plates in the school and by bringing their own mugs for beverages. This also entailed students bringing their own cloth bags (BYOB) which they made themselves as part of their CCA programme.

Furthermore, with a donation drive arranged in school, students were also encouraged to actively donate their old books, which not only helped to expand the school Library but also introduced new books to their peers

Finally, as part of an outreach programme, our students visited Chiltern Kindergarten and created awareness among the K2 students on plastic pollution and its effects, waste management and energy conservation. Cloth bags made during CCA periods were given to the teachers and staff.

With the aim to make these eco-friendly efforts a part of our lifestyle, we also encourage parents of students to take similar steps within their homes and act as role models for their children with regards to being environmentally conscious. Hence, flyers were distributed to parents that entailed guidelines on how they can act upon the 4Rs in their home and workplace.

Green is not something you can buy, it’s a way of life. Being Green means taking steps, big or small, as an individual or as community to preserve our planet by becoming environmentally conscious and by reducing our carbon footprints. With this belief, our young Green Crusaders continue ahead with the mission of living green with a “shift in consciousness which allows you to recognize that with every choice you make, you are voting for or against the kind of world you wish to see”.


This was done by making the best use of the waste generated in our everyday lives and turning them into beautiful pieces of art. For instance, unwanted materials such as ice cream sticks, empty tissue rolls, old newspapers, plastic bottles and spoons, were turned into useful stationary organizers, handy paper bags and decorative artistic materials to use for our classrooms! Old CDs were also used to create beautiful wall hangings to decorate our new premises. Bottle caps were used to create a mural, inspiring students to be conscious of thinking of reusing every little thing that they would normally throw away. They were also asked to collect bottle caps as part of their holiday homework, which were used to make spectacular mural of bottle caps for our new premises.

Green Crusaders and teachers worked together to segregating waste into different bins. The segregation of waste makes the process of waste management systematic and impactful in many ways. Firstly, it enables one to separate recyclables from unwanted everyday waste, making the recycling process smooth and easy. Secondly, the successful segregation of waste reduces the amount of rubbish that gets disposed of in the landfills and thirdly, it is also beneficial for the public, as higher exposure harmful waste puts them at the risk of developing long-term health problems.

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