SCHOOL FEE 2022 – 2023

Amount SGD7% GSTTotal Payable
One time non-refundable
Monthly Tuition Fee
CAMBRIDGE PRIMARY PROGRAMME (YEAR 1 TO YEAR 5)$ 800.00$ 56.00 $ 856.00
CAMBRIDGE PRIMARY PROGRAMME (YEAR 6)$ 900.00 $ 63.00$ 963.00
CAMBRIDGE LOWER SECONDARY PROGRAMME (YEAR 7 & 8)$ 900.00 $ 63.00$ 963.00
Student Welfare Fee
$ (Inclusive of Tuition Fees)
Resource Fee
$ (Inclusive of Tuition Fees)
Technology Fee
$ (Inclusive of Tuition Fees)
CCA Fee$ (Inclusive of Tuition Fees)
Field trip
Study Material
Books / Worksheets / Notebooks$ 330.00
$ 23.10 $ 353.10
Uniforms(PE & Regular) - 1 set each$ 46.73$ 3.27
$ 50.00
School Bus Transport FeeOptional
$ 200.00$ 14.00
$ 214.00
Premium Co-Curricular
Activities (PCCA)
Optional$ 300 minimum

Yoga for Kids; Speech & Drama; Robotics: Design & Thinking; Robotics: Learn to Code

Special Waiver for the Registration Fee


With GST

Special Waiver (For a limited period only!!!)

Special Discounted Registration Fee (Offer!)

One Time Registration Fee
Grade 1 to Grade 7





New Fee Structure Amount

Grade 6-8:  $900 + GST $63 = $963.00

Tuition Fee Discount Available!

Sibling Discount at 50% of the monthly tuition fee is available to the lowest grade level and given to one sibling per family and not applicable to any other form of discounts. Sibling Discount will be applicable on the tuition fees only for the second child. The discount does not apply to other miscellaneous fees.

Special Tuition Fee Discount of $25.00 + GST monthly for Grade 1-5 when availing school bus transport.

Special Tuition Fee Discount of $50.00 + GST monthly for Grade 6-8 when availing school bus transport.

School Bus Transport Agreement

General Terms & Conditions

KKIS hereby agrees to provide 2-way and 1-way transport. (i) KKIS agrees to charge 2-way transport S$214.00 per month inclusive of GST. (ii) KKIS agrees to charge 1-way transport S$171.20 per month inclusive of GST.

Collection of fees is for a term of 2-month and it must reach KKIS before/on 27th of alternate month, e.g. fee for June/July should be paid by 27th May.

The confirmed start of school bus service between the dates of 16th till 30th of the calendar month shall be given a 20% discount for the first month of joining only – applicable to new sign ups.

Transport contract is for 12 months including June and December and withdrawal from the same needs two calendar month’s prior written notice.

New school bus service request shall take maximum 10 working day for processing and confirmation of bus request. All efforts will be made to accommodate the request at the earliest.

If the Student withdraws from the transport service, KKIS will require two months of written notice of withdrawal, failing which incurred cost equivalent to one (1) month transport fee of $214 is payable.

School Bus Reactivation (i) School Bus reactivation fee of $428 inclusive of applicable GST shall be collected upon receiving the written request of reactivation of school transport after withdrawing from the same during the same academic year. (ii) This clause shall be applicable with, careful consideration of the circumstances under which the request has been made. (iii) Parent has to pay 2-month transport fees upfront in order to reactivate the school bus services subject to the agreed processing time and confirmation of routes by the bus operator.

Parents are liable to pay for damages done due to vandalism by ward on/to the bus. However, vomiting caused due to motion sickness will not be termed as vandalism.

An optimum bus route shall be decided by the transport vendor once agreed upon by the school authority. Parents have no jurisdiction over pick-up time and route.

School will put efforts to minimize the travel time for the students using school buses. Travel time is always subject to weather and traffic conditions location of the student’s residence.

As per Land Transport Authority of Singapore bus attendant is required in all the buses that are authorized to carry more than 30 students (Bus attendant has to be a Singapore citizen, atleast 18 years old and holds a Bus Attendent’s vocational license). At KKIS school buses are below the prescribed seats.

All the parents of the bus can mutually agree and avail the Bus attendant service, provided by the vendor through school. Parents of a particular school bus can request bus assistant for an additional payment of $400-500 plus per month. School can assist to provide this paid service on request from mutualy agreed on parents of the same bus.

Contact number of the driver is given predominately for in-case of emergency e.g. bus breakdown etc so that the driver can communicate with parents. Parents are advised to refrain from calling the driver during the travel to and from the school to ensure safety. A common transport coordinator number shall be shared with the parents to discuss issues if any.

Due to safety issues, parent request of changing of pick up or drop off points temporarily will not be obligated.

Payment Mode

Monthly Tuition fee also include -Activity Fee, Student Welfare Fee, Resource Fee, Technology Fee, CCA Fee.

Payment modes of cross cheque, direct interbank transfer, NETS, as well as American Express, VISA, MasterCard and UnionPay credit cards* are acceptable. Paynow UEN 201733306C001 and Scan to Pay QR Code ( 4.0% additional charges will be levied on the transaction amount fee in case of payment made through Credit Cards )

Cheque - If paying by cheque, please make payable to “Kindle Kids International School Pte. Ltd.". At the back of the cheque, please also indicate the name of the child and invoice number.

In the event that Tuition Fees and/or Miscellaneous Fees are not fully paid by their corresponding due dates,an additional Late Payment Fee of $107.00 per week is chargeable.

No additional recurring charges.

Fees are payable every alternate month in advance.

6 instalments in an academic year.

Miscellaneous Fees may be payable from time to time. (Field Trip , Celebrations etc.)

GST @ 7% applicable for all fees payable.

Direct Interbank Transfer

If paying by direct interbank transfer, details of our bank account are as follows:
Bank Name: United Overseas Bank
Account: Kindle Kids International School
Account No: 365-308-683-9
PayNow UEN: 201733306C001
Others: Please also indicate the name of the child and/or invoice number