Academic Adviser – Kindle Kids International School

Ms. Meenakshi Ramesh

Years of Experience
Program Leader for Cambridge Professional Development Qualification

Ms. Meenakshi Ramesh presently employed as Director, Curriculum & R & D, and Program Leader of CICTL – Cambridge International Certificate for Teaching and Learning of Vels Group of Schools, Chennai, India has a rich and varied experience in the field of education for three decades as of now.

Having been in the field of education for 33 years, has an exposure of assuming roles and responsibilities as an Academic Supervisor, Principal and Correspondent of schools catering to the first generation learners. With her strong belief in enhancing and equipping skills as an ongoing process to keep abreast of the latest knowledge, Skills and Understanding in any field, she sought to try out these with International Curriculum also. Some of the attributes of the International Curriculum brought in the necessary shift in her perception of how systems can be tailored to the needs of the children with reference to the Indian Context.

She feels that it is her responsibility to motivate, guide, train and help teachers and other colleagues to reflect on one’s own practices which would bring in a change in the individual to work with a deep sense of choice, commitment, confidence and compassion.

She has derived immense satisfaction in conducting many Teacher Training Workshops, symposium and other aspects of Team Learning with teachers. She also strongly believes that the education system in her country needs a precise paradigm shift towards helping children to become self- engaged, self- responsible and self- researchers.

As an art lover, she has been an amateur theater person, singer and a dancer, though not be calling herself a qualified professional artist! This kind of varied interest made it possible for her to visit countries like Argentina, Brazil, Mauritius, Egypt, Australia and London as a representative of India with an aim of exchanging cultural and traditional values.

Utilizing the platform at school, where she is working, she is now a qualified Program Leader for Cambridge Professional Development Qualification and has been successfully doing it for almost twelve years now. Innovation, Creativity and constant learning with few guidelines has helped her to design and draft basic fundamental curriculum for age appropriate learning. She has got an opportunity to understand the roles and responsibilities of being an Examination Officer for International Examinations and Convener for local Board Examinations.

“It is my dream, to explore the benefits and challenges of working with schools in other countries and to identify ways of effectively supporting education for global citizenship enhancement, through our own educational practices”
Ms. Meenakshi Ramesh