About Us – Kindle Kids International School

A Smart Choice

Education at Kindle Kids International School (KKIS) goes beyond enabling students to not just successfully attain academic qualifications but also firmly believe that each student has an innate desire to excel.

The rich Cambridge curriculum at Kindle Kids International School (KKIS) focuses on imparting academic knowledge and the acquisition of life and leadership skills. Students are immersed in a creative and nurturing environment placing emphasis on Cambridge Learners Attributes.

Our Cambridge learner attributes encourage students to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged – equipped for success in our fast-changing modern world.

These are the fundamental characteristics that Kindle Kids International School (KKIS) considers essential in becoming a contributing member of society.

Impact and inspiration – that’s what we aim for at every level.

  • Our Vision guides us

    To be the International School of choice, to nurture responsible, diligent and caring leaders of tomorrow’s world.

  • Our Mission steers us

    To inspire hope, ignite imagination and curiosity and instill a lifelong love of learning.

  • Our Values anchor us

    We believe in P.O.W.E.R .

    P – Passion & Perseverance
    O – Optimism & Open Mindedness
    W – Willingness to change
    E – Ethical & Empathetic
    R – Resilience & Reliability

Our Philosophy

At Kindle Kids, we believe in providing our students with a holistic education. To this end, our syllabus incorporates a good mix of hands-on learning and diverse extra-curricular programs such as community outreach, sports, and programming classes.

Inspiring a Love of Learning

Learning should be an enjoyable experience, and at Kindle Kids, we’ve made it our mission to turn this into a reality.

Take a look here to see why our students love Kindle Kids.

The Kindle Kids Advantage

Know more about our Logo

The tree is an integral symbol as it represents knowledge.  The roots are symbolic of an education grounded in fact whereas the leaves denote creative thinking and imagination.

The three people depicted in the branches signify the  community of teachers, parents and students collaborating together for a stronger, more confident student body.

The globe is present as an orange watermark behind the tree as a symbol of an international level curriculum.

The Navy color represents our teachers and the  importance of their confidence, authority, and intelligence.

The Orange color represents the natural joy of our students, their creativity, success, enjoyment, and freedom for their expression.

The Turquoise color denotes the wisdom in our   community of parents as well as a sense of emotional balance, spiritual grounding and social responsibility.

Holistic Education For Your Child

It’s not enough to merely reinforce good manners. As educators, we also strive to ensure that our values are inculcated into every part of our curriculum and school interactions.

WE WANT WHAT YOU WANT. Well spoken, confident children who can think their way through anything. We know that encouragement and kindness are effective teaching tools and use them in our everyday classroom activities.

The more they use their sensory skills, the faster they build their knowledge base.

Support natural curiosity and expression by teaching skills in a variety of mediums.

A controlled class size gives us the freedom to manage different IQ levels and varied learning abilities using differentiated instruction to ensure that no child is left behind.

Reliable, rigorous and holistic curriculum helps students to develop creative thinking and problem solving skills to face the challenges of the modern world.

Fosters teamwork and healthy habits for life. Designed to help the physical and mental well-being of the students.

Non-academic syllabus equipped with skills acquisition, global perspectives, and enrichment programs.