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Verbal Linguistic (Word Smart)

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Does your child begin most conversations with “Can I tell you something?” The beauty of a Verbal-Linguistic learner is that they have a strong vocabulary and are effective at communicating when they speak. They generally enjoy word games like crossword puzzles, word searches and delight in mastering tongue twisters. Have you noticed that your child has a knack for making up rhymes or asking you for the meanings to newly discovered words? Does your child love to retell memories or make up elaborate stories?

The Linguistic intelligence, or the use of language, can be seen in your child’s ability to read, write, or talk to others. This aspect of intelligence is highly valued in academia as it is the primarily how we gauge when a student has effectively comprehended a concept being taught. The development of a students literacy is usually the main focus in the early years of school and has been used for centuries as a medium to share knowledge.

Verbal or Word Smart learners need to both see and hear words. They find it easier to memorise using jingles, stories or acronyms. They like to organize information and generally will show you that they’ve mastered a concept when they can explain it to you in their own words.

At Kindle Kids International School (KKIS), we use story telling as a strategy for our teachers to include concepts, details, or goals that are appropriate to the lesson plan. Oral presentations and class discussion and debates also help our students showcase their proficiency.

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