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To Learn In Joy…

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Education was not always available to everyone. It used to be that children from wealthy families who believed in the importance of education were the only ones who taught their children to read, write and think. Today, education is available almost everywhere.

From informative radio, to educational television, to tutorials on social media, there is no excuse to say that one does not have the opportunity to learn.

Schooling in Singapore is also very accessible. Local schools are plentiful and if you have money to spend, there are options like International schools and even private tutors available. There is also a major push to achieve in our culture. Children are expected to “get it right” instantly and often in the race to be the best, we forget who and what we are teaching.

While standardized testing gives us proof of whether or not our students are learning, we seem to be missing a vital piece in the system. There seems to only be a focus on the next benchmark or exam. We are not giving students time to really understand what they are being taught. Sure revision of mistakes made are in bright green on every paper but we aren’t really finding a way to make sure that all children are able to effectively express what they know and understand.

At Kindle Kids International School (KKIS), we care about retention and understanding. We work hard to bring joy into our classrooms and help students to apply what they learn in real world situations. We allow for our students to express what they know and encourage them to teach each other in their own words. All of this is designed to reinforce every concept we teach. Why? Because we know that teaching children is an accomplishment. More importantly, though, getting children excited about learning is the real achievement.

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