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What Is “Multiple Intelligence”?

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School hasn’t technically changed in a long time. The format is basically the same but what is changing is how the teacher relates to and teaches the child. What we are focusing more on is that each child has a unique personality and also a preference for how they learn best. Where most may categorize students into one intelligence or another, we at KKIS realize that it is usually a combination of these intelligence for each student.

Howard Gardner proposed the idea of multiple intelligence in his 1983 book “Frames of Mind.” In it, he describes the 8 different intelligences.


Understanding how each child thinks is important if the goal is for the student to recall concepts learned. Written tests may work for some, whereas oral exams might be easier for others. Hands on exercises might be useful to some, whereas pictures or videos might be better for others.

Thomas Armstrong further explained that everyone possesses all of these intelligences and that most people have the potential to develop each of these intelligences further.

The intelligences work together to help the individual better understand each concepts as they learn and there are many ways to interpret the intelligences within each category.

At Kindle Kids International School (KKIS), we have worked hard to create a curriculum that takes into account as many of the intelligences as possible into a lesson plan. The idea being that the activities are varied to avoid boredom and engaging to encourage the natural curiosity of the student.

For more information on the specific intelligences and what they mean, click on the links in the list above.

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