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Mind, Body And Spirit

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We all know that school essentially develops the minds of our children. Teachers strive to help students to use their curiosity together with the facts they are learning in the classroom to better make sense of the world around them. The imagery associated with school is usually limited to the classroom environment since, for the most part, the majority of a child’s day is spent in a classroom setting.

At Kindle Kids International School (KKIS), we believe in a holistic learning journey. It is our responsibility as an educational institution to consider a child’s mind, body and spirit when creating a curriculum. We feel that in order to really develop a child holistically, they need both classroom and outdoors learning. They need to understand both theories to set a base of knowledge and the practical to test the theories. Physical education is essential to nurturing the child by teaching life skills that will encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our PE curriculum starts with essential skills like the benefits of warm ups before and cool downs after exercise, good form for running, effective breathing techniques and team building concepts. Our purpose is to encourage good habits that will be used throughout their lives regardless of if they play sports in secondary school or just exercise for personal benefit.

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