Kindle Kids International School

Welcome To Kindle Kids International School

Our Programs

Kindle Kids offers a broad and balanced Cambridge curriculum for students that focuses on imparting academic knowledge and the acquisition of life and leadership skills.

Our Process

Our curriculum is delivered by a team of passionate and highly-qualified educators, who will ensure that your child has the ultimate learning experience.

Our Advantage

From fun, engaging activities to a stimulating curriculum, widen your child’s horizons with the Kindle Kids advantage and invest in their future today.

Learning at Kindle Kids

Kindle Kids International School equips students with skills that will benefit them for life. Our teachers take a holistic approach to teaching that will inculcate a love for learning in students.

Our offerings include:

The Kindle Kids Advantage

Innovative Learning

Education is nothing without practical skills, which is why Kindle Kids takes a holistic approach to teaching; by encouraging our Cambridge learners to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged – equipped for success in our fast-changing modern world.

First-Rate Facilities

From comfortable classrooms to well-equipped labs, Kindle Kids' facilities are second-to-none, which allows us to provide students with a conducive learning environment.

World-Class Teaching Staff

Educators at Kindle Kids are hand-picked and strictly vetted for their passion, qualifications, and love for teaching.

Parental Participation

With our extensive support system, parents will be able to participate in their child’s academic journey and help guide their development.

Why Parents Love Us

At Kindle Kids, we believe that every child has the right to be educated in a loving and joyful environment. And this is why we pride ourselves on instilling a love for learning in all of our students.